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Así de Sampling 


*Previous Albums*
Otra forma mas DVD (2013)

Live concert at the National Museum of Bellas Artes in Havana.

Akapelleando (2006)

“Best Vocal Album” & “ Special Grand Price” 2007 for Cubadisco

Cambio de tiempo (2000)

Nominated for the “Latin Grammy Awards” 2002 on 3 categories.
“Best Vocal Album” & “Best Recording Engineering” 2001 for Cubadisco

Live in Berlin (1999)

De vacaciones (1997)

Nominated for “Best Pop/Rock Album” & “Best Pop/Rock Song” 1998 (La Fiesta Ya Empezó ) for the Contemporary A Capella Society of America

Una forma más (1993)

“Artist Of The Year” & “Best Foreign Language Song” 1996 (Una Forma Más) for the Contemporary A Capella Society of America.


"They are the real deal" Quincy Jones
What the press says

Six funky cuban guys sashaying to their own rhythms and not an instrument in sight !

The musical kingdom's illusionists !
Close your eyes and listen !

Fresh and seductive as the waters of Cuba´s beaches, melodic and rhythmic as the wind which moves its palms and people, this is Vocal Sampling !

The Cuban group that made musical instruments from their voices, becoming the illusionists of the musical Kingdom. Concert of Vocal Sampling is to participate in a magic show.
The unbelievers look for the trap.

They do not want to believe that the group of sounds and the excellent melody they listen, come from the musicians´s voices. Meanwhile the experts applaud, because they know there are not deceits or tricks, but brilliance and harmony !

Aware of their cultural roots, with an unquestionable and undeniable stamp that characterizes Cubans, these six men, with nothing else but their voices, move very comfortable among the most dissimilar rhythms, from the so-called art music to the popular one.

They are six wizards who have been leaving us mouth opened up on each concert, with strokes of originality and talent.

Rene Banos Pascual

Director, composer, arrangements, Lead & backing voices


Reinaldo Sanler Maseda

Lead and backing voice


Oscar Porro Jimenez

Bass voice


Luis Alberto Alzaga Mora

Lead & backing voices

Hector Crespo Enriquez

Lead & backing voices


Pedro Guillermo Bernard Coto

Percussion voice




All concert dates

31 JAN 2019
Brussels, Belgium

@ Wolubilis

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26 JAN 2019
Brugge, Belgium

@ Stadsschouwburg Brugge

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24 AUG 2018
Frigiliana, Málaga, Spain

@ Festival Frigiliana 3 Culturas

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18 AUG 2018
Calenzana, Corse, France

@ Festival « Les Rencontres de Calenzana »

26 MAY 2018
Agen, France

@ Théâtre Ducourneau, Festival Folies Vocales d'Agen

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23 MAY 2018
Bath, UK

@ Komedia, Bath Festivals

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18 MAY 2018
Azpeitia, Spain

@ Soreasu Antzokia

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17 MAY 2018
Barcelona, Spain

@ Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius

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14 MAY 2018
Madrid, Spain

@ Sala Galileo Galilei

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13 MAY 2018
Santiago de Compostela, Spain

@ Sala Capitol

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12 MAY 2018
Agüimes, Gran Canaria, Spain

@ Teatro Auditorio de Agüimes

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11 MAY 2018
Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, Spain

@ Auditorio Insular de Fuerteventura

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10 MAY 2018
San Bartolomé, Lanzarote, Spain

@ Teatro de San Bartolomé

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18 FEB 2018
Recoleta, Chile


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22 DEC 2017
Miramas, France

@ Saint Louis Church

21 DEC 2017
Martigues, France

@ Site Picasso Conservatoire de Musique et Danse

20 DEC 2017
Marseille, France

@ Saint Barthélémy Church

19 DEC 2017
Arles, France

@ Arles theater

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18 DEC 2017
Marseille, France

@ Centre Culturel Provençal

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16 DEC 2017
Saint-Chamas, France

@ Saint-Léger Church

15 DEC 2017
Saint-Victoret, France

Salle Edith Piaf

14 DEC 2017
Marseille, France

@ Paroisse du Roy d’Espagne 13013 Marseille

12 DEC 2017
Marseille, France

@ Saint Gabriel Church, 13015 Marseille

10 DEC 2017
Port-de-Bouc, France

@ Saint-Louis church

08 DEC 2017
Eghezée, Belgium

@ Centre Culturel d'Eghezée

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05 DEC 2017
Dinant, Belgium

@ Centre Culturel de Dinant

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02 DEC 2017
Zurich, Switzerland

@ Moods

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29 NOV 2017
Helsinki, Finland

@ Savoy Theatre

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28 NOV 2017
Vienna, Austria

@ Voice Mania Festival

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26 NOV 2017
Limoges, France

@ Festival Eclats d'Email

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25 NOV 2017
Savigny-Le-Temple, France

@ Espace Prévert

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24 NOV 2017
Yifat, Israel

@ Theater of Kibbutz Yifat

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23 NOV 2017
Ashdod, Israel

@ Ashdod Theather

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22 NOV 2017
Herzliya, Israel

@ Zappa Herzliya

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07 APR 2017
Bratislava, Slovakia

@ Atelier Babylon

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05 APR 2017
Milan, Italy

@ Blue Note

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01 APR 2017
Mindelheim, Germany


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31 MARCH 2017
Vence, France

@ Printemps des nuits du Sud

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30 MARCH 2017
Köln, Germany

@ Club Altes Pfandhaus

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29 MARCH 2017
Soleuvre, Luxembourg

@ Artikuus

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25 MARCH 2017
Paris, France

@ Café de la Danse

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24 MARCH 2017
Brussels, Belgium

@ La Tentation

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18 MARCH 2017
Collonge-Bellerive, Switzerland

@ Epicentre

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17 MARCH 2017
Marseille, France

@ Babel Med

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16 MARCH 2017
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

@ De Doelen

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